On Page SEO

SEO offers a visible and effective search presence leading to a considerable increase of sales,
profitability, and cost efficiency for our clients.

On Page SEOSEO On page optimization is a technique in search engine optimization which helps to increase website visibility in the search engines by enhancing website's HTML codings, CSS, JavaScripts, Meta Tags, Schemas Etc. Under custom SEO On-page optimization service, your website will be able to take the advantages for all those stuffs which can help your website to open faster, getting indexed in search engines for all pages, regular crawling and caching processes etc.

By taking On page Optimization service from GMS Technology can also be helpful in converting visits into leads, because On-page optimization does not only help to improve your website's internal health, but also helps to optimize it for conversion rates. We can make your visitors to navigate with-in your website like the way we want. Our On Page Optimization pack

Title of the Web Pages

Page Title is one of the most important factor in a website optimization, because it speaks out about the insights of a web page and it is the very first thing which web crawlers read while crawling.

Not only this, a page title is the first thing, which users also read while searching for their queries in the search engines and if, the things are up-to the mark from both of these points of view, then you are going to get the rankings and the clicks for sure.

Meta tags

Under this, we work to optimize the rich snippets section of your website pages. This is the place for the Meta Description and Mets Keywords. We optimize meta descriptions and make them more appealing to the users, because this is the section to which a user can observe which performing searches.

Also, we optimize the pages for their targeted KW's and use them smartly with the possible KW phrases to make your website rank in the top spots. And, this is how we optimize.

Canonical Tags

While optimizing a website for its on-page factors, we make sure that search engines read the original page and always consider that page for the rankings.

And also assure to search engines that, this is the only page we have in your entire website for a particular service/category/product. This helps in completely removing the chances for duplicate content pages and helps to protect from Panda Penalties.

Content Optimization

Either you need article writing services or need writers for your website content, we have skilled and talented team of content writers who are capable of writing content in in UK English.

Whatever your targeted location is, we are ready to write the unique insights for you. Not only this, with the help of our talented writers, we can optimize your existing website content as per the targeted locations.

Href Language Tag

We use language tags to make web crawlers understand the targeted location/country for your products/services. Because, if you are targeting in United States then you need to use United States English and if you are targeting UK locations, then we optimize it accordingly and the same goes with Indian as well.

URL Optimization

URL, is the life of any web page and if, it not properly optimized then getting the desired rankings becomes little tougher. In our's On-page optimization service, we work on your website for each and every page URL to make it completely optimized and understandable for the crawlers. Because, URL speaks a lot!!!

HTML/XML/GEO Sitemap Generations

Most of the digital marketing service providers are not aware of GEO sitemap, and if they do, then they don't know how to use it properly. Here, in our Onpage optimization service, we know how to use GEO sitemap and other site maps, i.e. HTML and XML effectively, so that we can get true benefits from them.

Internal Linking and Optimization

Our On-page optimization services also include internal/contextual link optimization. We make your website pages linked with each other and that too with proper indications of the linked web page along with their ALT and title tags.

Image Optimization

Image optimization is also one of the best ways to improve the rankings of a website.

Here, at our custom on-page optimization service, we optimize the images of your entire website by using image title and ALT tags, which open the doors for them to get appear in the top ranking images on your targeted KW's and will increase the chances for your website to get in the top rankings.

Page Loading Speed

Page loading speed is one of the most critical factors for increasing website visibility in search engines.

Here comes the role of our website developers, they know how to increase a website loading speed and the techniques we use to increase the website loading speed includes, image, CSS compression, minimizing HTTP requests, reducing server response time.

Our On-Page SEO strategy, firstly we will analyze your site as per search engine guidelines and parameters, after that our expert consultant will perform needful activities to solve all On-Page issues. Our activities includes:


  • Keywords research Finalization and Placement
  • Meta Tags Optimization
  • Tracking Code Integration
  • Search engines submission
  • Image Optimization
  • Sitemap Creation
  • Canonical URL
  • Image Alt tag
  • Submit your site to over 50 search engines
  • Competitors analysis and suggestion of key words
  • Content Optimization, Keywords Density, Prominence and Proximity
  • Webmaster Tool Submission
  • Validate codes to Wc3 Standard
  • Creation of Robots.txt
  • H1, H2 Tags
  • SEO Friendly URL
  • Site Navigation Issues, etc.

After fixing all these SEO centric issues, your website will gain a lot more traffic and dramatically increase its visibility in organic search results of search engine for targeted keywords. if you require more information then please contact us Email: info@gmsmarketing.co.uk

Price : one time Cost £149